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What are the growth drivers and challenges in Agricultural Drone Industry


Global market of agricultural drones is primarily driven by rising awareness towards precise farming for its additional benefits. Further, agricultural drones are perfect solution for crop monitoring in very large arable lands. Moreover, other applications of agricultural drones such as crop scouting, field mapping and seed, fertilizer & pesticides spraying are some of the major factors which are making these agricultural drones more acceptable in agricultural sector. Further, these additional benefits of agricultural drones are likely to drive the growth of global agricultural drones market in near future.

Apart from this, technological advancements with agricultural drones in a manner to improve its battery durability, efficiency, controlling are also key factors which are driving the growth of global agricultural drones market. In addition to this, high investment by leading companies to produce cost effective agricultural drones which can be afford by an average farmer is a key factor which is expected to escalate the demand for agricultural drones in near future.   

Furthermore, rising prevalence of fixed wing drones due to their capability to carry extra payload and long land covering is a dynamic factor behind the growth of global agricultural drones market. However, restriction of use of agricultural drones in countries such as India and Nepal is a major factor hampering the growth of global agricultural drones market. In addition to this, lack of awareness and unavailability of trained drone’s pilots is also expected to restrain the growth of global agricultural drones market.


How to assess the spraying efficacy in drone spraying?



Compare the pest control efficacy recorded in the past using traditional spraying .

The drone operator will provide the spraying report which is automatically recorded during drone spraying activity

 The water sensitive paper provides information on the size and number of droplets, which will help in assessing the spraying quality.

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