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Fruit Fly Control























Fruit flies are invasive pests that attack several agricultural crops of high commercial value in tropical and subtropical regions of the world. the fruits and vegetables. Pest control is extremely difficult, since the flies are inconspicuous during the first three stages of their lifecycle inside the fruit and the soil. 


Monitoring the fly population helps in early detection and determining the right time for control application, resulting in improved control efficiency and reduced chemical usage. Sound knowledge about pest biology, behaviour and conditions for the emergence of fruit flies are basic requirements for knowing what control methodologies to apply. Protein is an important nutrient required for ovarian development in Tephritid flies, hence protein baits are proven to be the most effective control product.

Dr. Du and his team have worked in the field of fruit fly control for more than a decade. Growers from Nepal, Thailand, Ghana and Indonesia have greatly benefited from the fruit fly control programs implemented in large areas through systematic monitoring and mass baiting. The fruit damage rate has been significantly reduced resulting in improved quality and quantity of produce. 

Fruit Fly Damage.png

Dr. Du checking fruit fly infestation in the citrus farms in Nepal 


Dr. Du inspecting the monitoring data with Mrs. Watchreeporn, Head of Plant Protection Bureau, Thailand


Dr. Du meeting with officials from Ghana Plant Protection Bureau

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