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Drone-based Agricultural Spraying System (DASS)


The advantages of using drones as the tool to spray chemical are obvious.  As the battery technology improves and drone payload increases, drone sprayer will undoubtedly become a universal equipment for agrochemical application, especially in nations where there are more small holder farms.  Smaller farm plots with various type of crops demands more flexible and variable spraying service, which has been provided by manual labour or small machinery conventionally.

Growers usually rely on their own experience in diagnosing pests and diseases, in decision making on what to spray, and pay a premium to the distributions network which delivers the agrochemicals and the spraying job.  This will all be changed by the application of drones in chemical spraying service.

A highly automated and digitised tool, drones will not only replace knapsacks or tractors as the spraying machinery, it can be linked to a platform through which information on crops, pest and disease, agrochemical supply, spraying service needs and providers can be all linked to provide a on-demand service to the grower’s need. 

DASS is a software platform similar to Uber, it is designed to provide a real-time on-demand service to growers with spraying needs. On this platform, the growers, the drone operators, the chemical supplier and crop protection specialists are connected to achieve a more efficient crop protection service.




Farm owners place an online order for pest control service

 Pest Control Advisor System works : Professional Pest Control Advice will be given based on the Field Pest Survey and Pest monitoring data.



Operation System works : Dispatch of Chemicals and Spraying Operations will be handled by Drone teams.

Completion of Pest Control Service : Farm owners enjoy the hassle-free, convenient spraying service, while the Pest Control Spraying Data gets recorded in our DASS System.


The operators need to register online, providing information about their spraying capacity, quantity of drones and regions they can cover. Orders from farmers will be assigned to qualified drone operators. The online platform also helps in delivering the required chemicals directly from chemical warehouse to the field.

The operators and farm owners can evaluate each other to improve the spraying efficacy. This will enable the ordinary farmers to adopt advanced pest control and spraying services.

How does DASS work?


This system helps in building strong connection between drone operators and farmers.

DASS application

During the operation of DASS, the core parts can be of three parts: DASS management system, PGA management system and Operation management system.

PGA management system

Accurate & real-time pest monitoring


Professional & well-tested pesticide formulations

PGA Think Tank - Unites all registered Pest Control Advisors to provide online professional pest control advice.

Pest Control Method-

Environmentally friendly , effective, economic, customized pest control plan

Suitable for multiple crops and pests.

DASS Management System


Strong Information Processing Ability

integrated process the information of farmer, land, crops and spraying operation and orders.


GIS Information Processing

precise surveying and mapping & information authentication


Online Communication

 free online communication software


Online Chemical Trading & Service Platform

reliable supplier & convenient online pesticide shopping and reviews

Operation Management System


Multiple drones can join and service, esp. high payload drones

Intelligent chemical management network


Safe, accurate & timely chemical delivery service

Precise, highly efficient & traceable Spraying Service

Rigorous and controllable Quality Inspection work

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