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      Founder, CEO

Dr. Jason Jinping Du, Founder Pro AgroTech, is a veteran entomologist and a successful entrepreneur.  He has extensive experience in pest management research and development of innovative crop protection products. He received a PhD in entomology from the University of Cambridge and later an MBA from Durham University Business School. While he likes scientific research and enjoyed his academic life in renowned institutes, Dr. Du is more interested to bring scientific innovations to the real world. He first started a business in crop protection in China to solve problems for the farmers with his knowledge. One of Dr. Du’s achievements is the design and promotion of real-time insect pest monitoring systems (TELEMO), which has become the standard equipment for crop protection agencies all over China. It serves as an early warning system for outbreaks of serious pests as well as directing routine control practices of major pests of great economic significance.  His team has also successfully developed a drone based agriculture spraying service platform (DASS). This system provides small holder farmers with a Uber-like spraying service, significantly reduced chemical abuse and increased control efficiency.  He is now relocated to the UK as part of his investment plan to build a research and development operation in UK.

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Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

Candy X.Wang started her career working in the Finance dept. at Dalian Railway Co.,Ltd and Dalian Shinde Group gaining abundant experience in that sector. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and later completed her MBA from Renmin University of China in 2012. She works in Beijing and gives professional advise on finance & risk management and investment decisions. She helps in setting the short and long-term corporate strategies for the new high-tech companies in Zhongguancun, by considering all aspects like input and output of R&D, product manufacturing and marketing.

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Leo X.Sui, a principal scientist who has led a number of product development projects ever since he graduated from Beijing Forestry University with a Master’s degree in forest protection. Sui is a quick learner who often applies interdisciplinary knowledge in problem solving. His R&D experience over the years ranges from working on pheromone-based pest monitoring device, smart baiting stations for fruit flies, automated pest detection devices to light-manned aircraft in precision agricultural applications.

Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Bob H.Yue, has more than 15 years of experience in software and hardware development. He has been engaged in bank settlement, automatic communication, stock trading applications and other software fields. He has experience in IoT projects such as MCU development and arm related development. He graduated in Computer Science from Beijing Institute of Technology. He got his PMP (Project Management Professional) certificate in the year 2014 and also participated in TMS Project in USA in 2015. He has devoted more than 10 years to light UAV designing and manufacturing work. He is experienced in UAV production and operation, and has developed a UAV Ground Control Station Software development program for light payload aircraft. He also has extensive experience with power board, battery design, battery charging management, control board, CPU design and sensor integration.

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Swetalina Das, has more than 10 years of experience in business development and relationship management for International markets focusing on South East Asia, Africa and Latin America. She has project management experience for product introduction to new markets and holds a Master's degree in Biotechnology and MBA in Marketing from a reputed business school in India.  She has also worked as a Senior Research Fellow at Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI) in India for a Network project on Transgenics of crops.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

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