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About Us


Pro AgroTech Ltd. was founded by Dr. Jason Jinping Du, a Cambridge educated scientist who has been involved in this field of developing greener pest control technologies for over two decades.


Dr.Du is also a successful entrepreneur in the field of crop protection whose invention has led to the successful control of Chinese Citrus Fly (Bactrocera minax), once inflicting billion dollar losses to the Chinese citrus industry and a major threat to the world fruit supply. His products for fruit fly monitoring, control, and area-wide control protocol has been used all over China, Southeast Asia and west Africa.  He is also one of the pioneers in the application of digital technology in pest monitoring and crop spraying. TELEMO, an automated remote pest monitoring system developed by Dr.Du’s team, has been widely used by many crop protection agencies in China.

Pro AgroTech was founded to accommodate the relocation of Dr.Du and his innovation team to the UK, and to further expand in the field of digital application in crop protection.  At Pro AgroTech, we believe that the advancement of digital technology has created new opportunities for bringing crop protection to a new level. Pests can be monitored more accurately so that less chemicals are needed for pest control. Crops can be surveyed more effectively with precision so that fertilisers can be applied more efficiently. Pesticides can be applied using automated drones to minimise human contact and pollution.


Pro AgroTech is focused on the development of smart devices for crop protection, including AI based real-time insect pest monitoring system and drones for precision agriculture spraying. Our strategic goal is to become a leading innovation centre for application of digital technologies in crop protection.

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