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Drone-based Agricultural Spraying System

Uber-like Spraying Service System, Connecting Farmers with Innovative Spraying Technologies.

About Us

Pro AgroTech Ltd. was founded by Dr. Jason Jinping Du, a Cambridge educated scientist who has been involved in this field of developing greener pest control technologies for over two decades. At Pro AgroTech, we work towards bringing digital revolution in agriculture enabling large farmers to grow their crops with less physical inputs – such as crop protection and fertilizer while also increasing their efficiency.    

Digital Revolution Changes Crop Protection 


We believe,  IoT technologies with various sensors will enable more intelligent, accurate & efficient pest monitoring.

We are involved in the drone spraying business for many years now.  We clearly see that as the future of agriculture.

In future, we plan to develop a system with increased spraying limits through drone spraying.

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Technologies & Innovation 


Smart Monitoring makes Pest Monitoring easy, accurate & efficient. It has been proven useful in FAW monitoring. Click to see more.


Drone Agricultural Spraying System connect farmers & Operators .It  has been used in FAW control.

Click to see its application.

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